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Healthy Eating ...

The nursery has a commitment to ensuring the health and well-being of the children within its care and we believe that a varied and balanced diet is essential for happy, well-developed and healthy children. Snack and mealtime menus are carefully planned to ensure the children enjoy a wide selection of nutritious and enjoyable foods, with an array of locally sourced fresh vegetables and fruit to boost their health. Drinking water is available for all children at all times.

Our menus are varied and the food is freshly prepared in our own kitchen. We provide a nutritious breakfast, fruit and milk or water as a snack mid-morning, a two course cooked lunch and an afternoon tea. Staff always promote good manners and children are encouraged to brush their teeth after meals.

Lunchtime is of particular importance in the nursery. The children are encouraged to set the table themselves with knives, forks and spoons and staff have the same food and eat together with the children at the tables in the playroom. This is a great opportunity to encourage the tasting of new flavours and enjoying the social side of mealtimes.