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South Cave Bears Day Nursery is located in a quiet part of the semi-rural village of South Cave among the peaceful East Yorkshire countryside. The historical 11th century village boasts an interesting history including its own ‘Hunsley Beacon’ Orchestra in the 1960s and 1970s, a number of English Heritage Grade II listed buildings and the fact it had its own railway station on the Hull and Barnsley railway operational between 1885 and 1955!!! The village therefore has many features and points of interest for children to explore, learn about and enjoy.

Duck Pond

According to the South Cave Parish Website, it is thought that the origins of ‘Cave’ are most likely to have come from the Anglian word 'caf' which refers to a ‘fast flowing stream’. Although not fast-flowing, the stream is still in existence today and is within close proximity to the nursery and accessible to children who wish to learn about pond-life including tadpoles and pond-skaters.

The South Cave Parish Website also states that the village was granted a charter in 1291 by King Edward 1 to hold a market and fair and in 1796 a purpose-built market hall was built in the Market Place. Although the market died out in the 1850s and the fair in 1939, the village still holds a Farmer’s Market on the second Saturday of every month, a popular event providing children at the nursery an opportunity to make items or food products to sell on occasion on a stall.

View from Nursery Garden

Play Park

In 1787, a mansion house of gothic design was built by Henry Barnard. Today, Cave Castle is used as a hotel and its large duck pond is sure to prove a popular place for the nursery children to visit.

To the east end of the village passes The Yorkshire Wolds Way National Trail, a long distance footpath providing the children with further opportunities to enjoy and explore the outdoors and to learn about the importance of farming and preserving our woodland.


Within close proximity of the nursery is the village’s play park where children can play with friends on the swings, see saw, slide or simply enjoy a game of chase or an afternoon snack at the picnic tables.

Nursery Garden

At the bottom of the hill can be found the village library where children can become members and enjoy a little quiet time reading books unavailable at the nursery and at Tristan’s Pet Supplies, the children will have the chance to learn first-hand about the care of small domestic animals.

South Cave Sports Centre is less than 100 yards away, where we envisage the children engaging in physical activity by means of a ‘soft play session’, an activity we hope to build into our curriculum on a regular basis.