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Nursery & Garden ...

Our nursery play room is thoughtfully designed and equipped with a wide range of high quality resources appropriate for each child’s development needs. Our carefully chosen toys and activities promote physical co-ordination and manipulative skills, role-play and creativity.

Day Room

Our large, securely fenced outdoor area, is directly accessible from the nursery’s side entrance creating opportunities for children to flow freely between the indoor and outdoor environments throughout the day.

Nursery Garden & Playhouse
Furthermore, the garden can be divided to offer discrete outdoor play areas for younger ‘cubs’ and older ‘bears’. Children will enjoy taking part in role play scenarios in our beautiful wooden playhouse and using equipment designed to promote their physical skills, health and well-being. Not to mention feeding the birds with foods produced by their own hands in the nursery.
Main Entrance

Role Play Area

Our nursery is conscious of its effect on the environment and, in addition to its energy efficient heating and lighting, we believe that it is important to help children understand the small steps they can take to ‘do their bit’ to help minimise the nursery’s carbon footprint.

Construction Area

Children will be encouraged to make use of the recycling bins within the Day Room and to create their own compost for use in the nursery garden as the nursery boasts a small allotment where children can get their hands dirty planting their own flowers and vegetables, take great pride in watching them grow and ultimately enjoy the fruits of their labour at mealtimes.

Cosy Corner

We are also fortunate to have immediate access to the Bull Fields which offer a wealth of opportunities for children to further investigate and explore the natural environment and to enjoy special events such as camping days.