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Policies & Procedures ...

What Are Policies and Procedures?

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) in England outlines specific policies and procedures which must be implemented in early years settings. Policies and procedures have been specifically written for South Cave Bears Day Nursery to enable all members of staff to plan and provide evidence that sound practice is taking place. They are a baseline which underpin decisions made every day and act as reference points to ensure a consistent approach.

The Importance of Having Clear Policies and Procedures

Our policies encompass the beliefs and values of our nursery, conveying the ethos of how we deliver our childcare and Early Years Service. It is important that all policies are easily understood which in turn will facilitate their implementation without misinterpretation, minimise risk to the children and provide them with safe, high-quality care.

Our procedures state clearly the course of action to be taken in a given situation. This will ensure that childcare practice and management are consistent throughout our nursery and that clear standards of practice are upheld.

All policies and procedures need to be shared with staff, parents/carers and volunteers to ensure they are fully understood and implemented within our nursery.

Updating and Reviewing our Policies and Procedures

Policies should continually evolve to ensure they meet our nursery’s needs. Our policies are reviewed annually and revisited when any significant changes occur. Our procedures will be reviewed after any incident that requires the use of the procedure, as this will ensure it works the next time we experience a similar event. The Nursery Manager will be responsible for the development of new policies and procedures and for the amending of existing ones. Any changes we make to our policies and procedures need to be fed back to all parties in the nursery.
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